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At Riggins Market, you can find an amazing assortment of delicious, fresh seafood such as salmon, clams, mussels, dolphin, cod, shrimp, and live Maine lobsters, and live blue crabs that you can pick and choose for your meal. Most seafood markets don't carry live crabs, but Riggins can because they are a restaurant first and foremost. This allows them to stock selections that aren't found in other seafood markets. Also, their prices are very reasonable for a market, because there is no loss. Fresh, refrigerated seafood that isn't sold during the day is prepared to sell in the restaurant that evening as regular menu items. So the Seafood Market customer gets premium seafood, from a first rate restaurant, and at prices that are cheaper than a supermarket! Riggins Seafood Market uses the same distributors as the restaurant, so special selections, like swordfish and grouper can be ordered.

Live Blue Crabs Oysters
Clams Mussels
200 Count Clams Scallops
160-180 Count Oysters U-15 Shrimp
U-15 Shrimp Cooked and Peeled 21-25 Shrimp
21-25 Shrimp Cooked U-peel Frog Legs
Crab Cakes Soft Shell Crabs
Stone Crab Medium Stone Crab Large
Snow Crab King Crab Legs
Lobster Lobster Tails 9 oz.
Catfish Cod
Dolphin Salmon
Gator Calamari
Crab Meat Fish Dip
Cole Slaw Cocktail Sauce
Mustard J.O. Spice